Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Locations-  Your photoshoot can take place wherever you wish!  Most are done at my home studio and farm, near Dahlonega. But there are many other options.  When the weather is nice, I know of several spots that are suitable for photoshoots.  I will also travel to your city if you can’t make it to Dahlonega.

Rates-   My rates are simpler than typical photographers.  I do not require you to buy prints or packages.  You receive digital image files, which you may use any way you like

How many “looks” can I do? You can change your look as many times as you wish, but I’d recommend no more than 3-4 changes in a typical one hour photoshoot for the best results.

 Do you shoot video? Yes, my fee varies depending on how long you want the video to be and there are different lighting requirements for video.

Why do you need a deposit in advance? In order to give you all of my attention and give you the best, most relaxed photoshoot experience, I schedule only one photoshoot per day.   Because reserving your date requires me to turn away another client, I must ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time your appointment is booked.   If you need to reschedule and can do so at least 24 hours in advance, your deposit will be retained and applied to another date.   This can only be done once!   Deposits are easily made with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, cash or check.

How do I get my images after the photoshoot? After the shoot, I will sort through all the images and select those that I think are worth your consideration. After basic editing, such as exposure adjustment and cropping, these will be sent to you as digital files attached to a private email or uploaded to a private folder on Google Drive. This typically takes about three days.  These images will not be retouched. You may keep these images and use them any way you like.  They are medium-resolution, perfectly suitable for viewing on your phone or tablet and they can easily be shared with friends by email.  Retouching is available as an optional service.

 What kind of retouching can you do to my photos and what does that cost? If you choose to have some images retouched, send me the file numbers of your choices.  They will then undergo a detailed professional, retouching process that can take up to an hour each.  Facial blemishes and wrinkles will vanish.  Stray hairs are banished, double chins and bags are minimized.   Small improvements can be made to other body parts as well.   I try to keep it subtle, but effective.  The charge for each retouched image is $25.00.  They will be sent to you by email as high-resolution JPG files which will not have my logo.  These are suitable for printing if you wish.

Will you retouch a photo for me if I send it to you? Yes

When can my photoshoot be scheduled? Contact me with a couple of dates that would work for you.  I prefer to shoot during the day, but evenings are a possibility.  Photoshoots last 1 to 3 hours.  I’d love to hear from you by email.

Can we meet in advance? Yes, I’d love to meet with you before you schedule your photoshoot.   If you wish to have a studio shoot, I suggest that you drop by my place, to see my studio.  That way you’ll be more comfortable here on the day of your shoot.    That’s also a good time to pay the fee to reserve your time.    If you are planning a location shoot, I’d like to meet you there to check it out and plan what equipment to bring.